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Re: Backport libxl bugfixes to 4.1 (was: Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 5 of 6 RESENT] xen.lowlevel.xl: Return None on empty domain name)

On 28/06/2011 22:37, "Marek Marczykowski" <marmarek@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 27.06.2011 18:40, Ian Jackson wrote:
>> Right, I think I've dealt with all your outstanding patches now.
> Looks good, thanks :)
> Keir, can you apply them to 4.1 tree? This require slight modifications,
> but all of them are fixing bugs present also in 4.1.

Ian Jackson deals with libxl backports to 4.1.

 -- Keir

> I can also send patches ready for 4.1 tree if it helps.
> This is all about:
> 23607:2f63562df1c4 libxl: Do not SEGV when no 'removable' disk parameter
> in xenstoredefault tip
> 23606:cc2f376d0cd9 xen.lowlevel.xl: Return None on empty domain name
> 23605:ff8d170852b3 libxl: Remove frontend and backend devices from
> xenstore after destroy
> 23604:5d7998be2252 libxl: Accept disk name in libxl_devid_to_device_disk
> 23603:6656d80b4de4 libxl: Allocate memory for strings in libxl_device_disk
> 23602:5c353f53c8e2 xl: Use macros for param parsing in network-attach

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