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AW: Re: [Xen-devel] AW: Load increase after memory upgrade?

>is it actually the drivers that are consuming more cpu ?
>2.6.32.x series still seem to show higher cpu utilazation and more 
wake-ups due to some console issue resulting in high events/0 in dom0.
>That seems to be over in the new linux 3.0 kernels

It seems that with the lower cpu utilization, main reasons to wake up 
according to powertop are:

  1) timer (~50%)
  2) saa7146(0)
  3) saa7146(1)

Whereas with higher CPU utilization its:

  1) flexcop-pci
  2) saa7146(0)
  3) saa7146(1)
  4) timer (<10%)

If that helps. Funny: taking out the flexcop card will not change load, 
but taking out the saa7146 cards will lower load on the other kernel 


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