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RE: [Xen-devel] Implementation choices, XEN or KVM?

> At 16:56 -0400 on 24 Jun (1308934602), Liu John wrote:
> > I will do research experiment using hypervisor. But I have not
decided the
> > platform; both XEN and KVM work for me(my work is about MMU,
> > shadow page tables). Though I prefer XEN, it seems XEN development
> > debugging are not easy. For example, every time you add some code in
> > hypervisor, you have to restart computer.
> That's true.   However I usually find that when I make a mistake in
> hypervisor code the computer needs to be rebooted anyway. :)
> AIUI Xen can run under Qemu so the reboot time is not that long.

Just out of curiosity, can xen be run inside xen yet? And does it make
debugging any easier?


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