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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen memory management


At 21:37 -0400 on 23 Jun (1308865026), David Xu wrote:
>  On a shared-memory system with multi-core cpu, can one VM occupy all cache
> and prevent other VMs using cache efficiently?

*Please* don't top-post. 

Xen currently has no mechanism to enforce fair use of the cache, though
its coarse-grained scheduling might help a bit.  Likewise there's no
explicit defence against side-channel attacks based on cache timing.
I suspect both attacks are probably harder in a VMM than an OS, because
it's hard to know when or where your target VCPU is running, but I've
seen enough clever exploits not to claim it can't be done!

> Thanks for reply from all of you. I am reading a paper which tells some
> secure problem of Xen VMM.

Can you share it with us, maybe?  Vulnerability reports are encouraged,
to the security@xxxxxxx email address.  Our draft disclosure process is

> >> Thanks. My concern is that if several VMs are mapped to same memory, one
> >> VM may get something from the memory which has ever been used by another 
> >> VM.
> >> This may cause some secure problems.

General VM memory is only shared
 - with privileged VMs (i.e. dom0);
 - with per-VM device-emulation VMs (which effectively live inside the 
   VM's protection space) so they can emulate DMA; and 
 - with other VMs as specified by the owning VM's ACL (grant tables).

Memory that is freed by a guest (e.g. when ballooning) must be scrubbed
by the guest before returning it.  The exception is domain destruction,
when the memory of the dead domain is scrubbed by Xen.



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