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[Xen-devel] [RFC] implement "trap-process-return"-like behavior with grant ring + evtchn

Hi, all

As you all know, I'm implementing pure-xen virtio. I mainly pay
attention to its transport layer. In hvm case, the transport layer is
implemented as virtual PCI. Now I'm about to replace this layer with
grant ring + evtchn implementation.

In the hvm case with virtual PCI transport layer, virtio works as followed:
1. guest writes to PCI cfg space to get trapped by hypervisor
2. backend dispatches and processes request
3. return to guest
This is a *synchronous* communication.

However, evtchn is by designed *asynchronous*, which means if we write
our requests to the ring and notify the other end, we have no idea
when it will get processed. This will cause race conditions. Say:

1. FE changes config: that is, write to configuration space, and
notify the other end via evtchn;
2. FE immediately reads configuration space, the change may not have
been acked or recorded by BE.
As a result, FE / BE states are inconsistent.

NOTE: Here by "configuration space" I mean the internal states of
devices, not limited to PCI configuration space.

Stefano and IanC suggest FE spin-wait for an answer from BE. I come up
with my rough design, I would like to ask you for advice.

This is how I would do it.

1. setup a evtchn (cfg-evtchn) and two grant rings (fe-to-be / be-to-fe).
2. zero-out two rings.

1. puts requests to fe-to-be ring, then notifies BE via cfg-evtchn.
2. spin waits for exactly one answer in be-to-fe ring, otherwise BUG().
3. consumes that answer and reset be-to-fe ring.

1. gets notified.
2. check if there is exactly one request in the ring, otherwise BUG().
3. consumes the request in fe-to-be ring.
4. writes back answer in be-to-fe ring.

As you can see, cfg-evtchn is only used when doing fe-to-be
notification. This allows BE to relax.

This is only a rough design, I haven't implemented it. If anyone has
better idea or spots any problem with this design, please let me know.
Your advice is always welcomed.


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