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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V4] libxl, Introduce a QMP client

I wrote:
> Oh wait, I just looked up yajl.  Why are we using a SAX-style
> (callback-based) json parser ?
> Surely it would be better to use a json library which simply provides
> an in-memory data structure for each json object.  We don't anticipate
> dealing with any huge json objects (which is the motivation for the
> SAX-style approach).

Well, I went and did some searching and I have discovered that:

There does not appear to be any widely-used "atomic-style" json
library for C, other than the one which comes with glib (which is
unsuitable because we don't want to import glib into our project).

YAJL 2 does have a simple "atomic" ("tree" they call it) interface.
It's not in squeeze or afaict recent fedora.

YAJL 1 is even lacking in Debian lenny.  :-/.

So probably what we have is the best approach.  But perhaps it might
be worth considering whether we should make our interface to json
objects the similar to yajl 1's tree interface ?


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