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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: IOMMU faults

> > I was considering just writing 0 to the faulting card's PCI command
> > register, but I'm told that's not always enough to properly deactivate
> > a card, and it might be a little over-zealous to do it on the first
> > offence.
> > Ideas?
> It seems difficult to find a generic approach to stop a device without 
> knowing 
> more device specific details... 

Perhaps make something similar to the MCE fault interrupts? As in when the error
happens, the Dom0 is notified of the offending BDF and persuses whatever action
it thinks are neccessary. The action would be to tell the device driver to
turn itself off. But how it would interact with the driver.. Well how does Linux
deal with this today? Is there an extension to the device driver API (similar to
the power) to notify the driver that it has done bad things and to shut itself 

Perhaps similar to the PCIe AER handling?

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