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[Xen-devel] 5x dom0 memory increase from Xen/Linux 3.4/2.6.18 to 4.1/3.0.0

I have a fairly old machine with 512M of RAM that I use for testing. Under Xen 
3.4 with the 2.6.18 linux kernel it would happily work with dom0_mem=50M, 
leaving 450M for VMs. I am in the process of upgrading to Xen 4.1 with a stock 
3.0.0-rc3 linux kernel (with konrad's vga-support patch). This combination 
however requires dom0_mem=250M to work leaving only 250M for the VMs (if I try 
to set dom0_mem any lower I get a kernel panic early on in the kernel boot 

This is an increase of 5x between the two versions, and I wondered if there's 
an explanation why. Is it possible to reduce the memory requirements, or do I 
have to learn to live with it.


Anthony Wright

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