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AW: RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: [Xen-devel] No C-States any longer...

>In your case there's no _CST found, and then no PBLK found. 

The only thing that are giveing me hope are:

  - it worked once (Xenified
  - FADT contains C2/C3 Latency information (_CST Support is 00 BTW)

>do you mean the latest PVOPS from Konzad? I don't think Cstate/Pstate patches
>have been carried there, which still stay in Jeremy's tree.

Currently I tried with stable 2.6.32.x from Jeremy and Debian Squeeze, as Konrad
said, his 2.6.39.x would expose C-States for him, what did not before, I will 
his 2.6.39.x next. I can check this and native boot results tonight.

>Since this is the AMD box which I'm not familiar with, also CC Mark here who is
>the owner for power management on AMD boxes.

Mark, I realy hope you have an idea. This is - by the way - the X3 400e I just 
because I never succeeded in getting TSC hickup-free >2.6.18 systems with my 
you eventually remember...?


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