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[Xen-devel] RE: Addback capability check for non-initial features

> >
> > add back missing capability check of MSR_IA32_VMX_PROCBASED_CTLS.
> >
> > Besides initial configuration, adjust_vmx_controls is responsible for
> > hardware capibility check as well. This patch add back the check.
> I suppose the CPU_BASED_VIRTUAL_INTR_PENDING addition is correct, for
> what
> it's worth (surely every VMX-capable CPU ever has and will support that).
> The change to CR8 detection looks mad and incorrect. You've inverted it so
> that CR8 exits get enabled when TPR_SHADOW is available, rather than
> when it

CR8 exit is removed later on if TPR_SHADOW exist:) 
The only difference is that if there are processors that support TPR_SHADOW 
only, I can check internally if this is the concern.
Current nested vmx is assuming CR8 exiting is presented to emulate L1 guest CR8 
exiting. TPR_SHAOW can't trap CR8 read though cr8 write trap is OK w/ TPR 

Eventually I want to have a minimal common set of capability that is supported 
by all HW and is presented to L1 guest.

> isn't, surely? And that can't be correct. I don't see how the CR8-exit
> detection and enabling is wrong, as it is already.

The original code for CR8 exit is correct too :)

Thx, Eddie

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