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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 11 of 12] xenpaging: add watch thread to catch guest shutdown

On Tue, Jun 07, Ian Campbell wrote:

> The correct way to watch for domain shutdown is to watch the special
> "@releaseDomain" node. IIRC this notifies you when _any_ domain has
> shutdown so you need to check for the domain you are actually interested
> in. Doing this also removes the need for the hacky extra xs_read_watch
> which you have -- which seems very racy to me and is almost certainly
> incorrect.

Thanks for the feedback, I have updated my patch to use this interface.

> Lastly I don't think you need a new thread for this, you can integrate
> the xs fd (from xs_fileno()) into your existing poll loop from
> xc_wait_for_event_or_timeout (which is a terrible name for a function
> which isn't in libxc, this should either be moved into the library or
> renamed depending on it's actual use cases. Same for the other xc_* in
> xenpaging...)

All of xc.c can be removed. If patches 1-10 are ok, can you apply them?

I will send another series to remove xc.c, which will also contain the
changes from patch 11 and 12.


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