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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 00 of 12] xenpaging fixes for xen-unstable

On Tue, Jun 07, Keir Fraser wrote:

> Once they're in, what is left to do? Do you need help with the in-Xen
> waitqueue stuff? Do you have test cases that fail, a private patch queue,
> etc?


I have no new patches, just returned to xenpaging end of last week.
A few months ago I collected my TODO list below.

One thing that I would need help with is the machine_to_phys_mapping[]
handling, an attempt to fix it was reverted before the 4.1 release. See
the thread in the URL below.

My testcase was a SLES11SP1 pv-on-hvm guest, rebooted in an endless
loop. That catched all of the issues. With the
waitqueue/HVMCOPY_gfn_paged_out issue its best to customize the
xenpaging policy to page the range of gfns were the guest pagetables are

I will send a series of patches to try later.


- implement xl support
- implement stopping of xenpaging
- implement live migration
- implement config option for XENPAGING_DEBUG and XENPAGING_POLICY_MRU_SIZE
- implement config option for xenpaging_dir
- implement better starting gfn in xenpaging policy
  an initial gfn number in the middle of the gfn range may avoid page-ins
  during BIOS startup
- fix machine_to_phys_mapping[] array handling during page deallocation
  the gfn of a released page must be maintained properly in the array
- fix HVMCOPY_gfn_paged_out handling
  some callers of __hvm_copy() do not handle HVMCOPY_gfn_paged_out, such
  as hypercalls and the MMIO emulation
  the recently added waitqueue feature in Xen 4.1 should be used
- remove all retry code from gfn_to_mfn() calls
  use the waitqueue feature to hide page-in from the caller and cover
  all cases where a retry is currently missing
- do not bounce p2mt to xenpaging
  p2m_mem_paging_populate/p2m_mem_paging_resume dont make use of p2mt
- cleanup typeof gfn which is passed around in xenpaging
  unsigned long, uint64_t, xen_pfn_t
- cleanup return types of functions
  some functions return 0 unconditionally, could be void
- remove srand function

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