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[Xen-devel] Gplpv driver

Gplpv driver is good project, we use it on many domUs some years, actualy on production system mainly gplpv_XP_0.11.0.213.msi on windows xp systems and gplpv_Vista2008x64_0.11.0.238.msi on windows 7 systems mainly on debian with xen 4.0 dom0s from source Unfortunately there are some deficiencies that penalize gplpv, poor documentation, poor testing, my knowledge of English is too poor for do good and complete documentation but i try to give small help. About the testing I saw that there continue to be commit to the repository but there are no new builds on http://www.meadowcourt.org/downloads/; there are new builds elsewhere? For the builds versions I'd recommend to also have a stable branch to apply only bugfixes, for example when reach feature add create branch 0.12, insert in only this bugfix and continue in mainly repository development with 0.13 ecc... James Harper, thanks for all the work you do on the gplpv, I hope my tips will be of help and I look forward to new builds to test them

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