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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2] Enable SMEP CPU feature support for XEN hypervisor

> >+ if ( pf_type == smep_fault )
> >+ domain_crash_synchronous();
> >I don't think you can domain_crash_synchronous() here, domain_crash()
> >is perhaps the only possibility (and even if it was possible, I think there
> >was agreement to not add new calls to the former function and always
> >use the latter instead).
> >
> so change to domain_crash()?
> curious about the background how the agreement is reached?

We can't use domain_crash, or it causes system reboot as it returns to caller.
Actually I chose domain_crash_synchronous because it doesn't return back.

Or change pf_type to spurious_fault just before calling crash to avoid Xen 
but looks ugly.


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