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Re: [Xen-devel] Question about EPT translation


At 09:17 -0700 on 27 May (1306487843), confucius wrote:
> Hi,everyone. I have some questions.
> 1. Does hvmoader need EPT for address translation when it  is running?

_All_ HVM guests need _either_ EPT/NPT _or_ shadow pagetables, to make
the extra translation from guest physical addresses to machine addresses.

> 3. If hvmloader needs EPT, where we construct EPT structure for it? I can't
> find correlative part  in code flow.

Did you try searching the code for "EPT"?  The EPT datastructures are
construced in p2m_ept.c.  (p2m is the general term in Xen for the table
that maps physical addresses to machine addresses).


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