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Re: [Xen-devel] Memory Sharing

At 09:15 +0530 on 01 Jun (1306919734), Lakshitha Harshan wrote:
> This is regarding memory page sharing.
> I traced the code for page_sharing_nominate. But couldn't find the exact
> location
> which requires HAP. So if somebody could tell me the location it would be a
> great help for me.

Grrr, it doesn't look like there is a test. :(  I'll add one. 

> My other questions are,
> I don't understand the role HAP plays in page sharing?
> Why can't we use the shadow page tables with page sharing?

Briefly: because nobody did the work to make it happen.  The shadow
pagetable code would need to be updated to deal with the p2m code
telling it that a page was shared (possibly just reporting a pagefault
as fixed would do).  I think it would also need a check that an in-use
top-level pagetable could never be shared or paged out, and I'm sure
there would be a few more bugs here and there.

It's possible that once Olaf and Keir have finished with the code to
suspend a vcpus in mid-action, the shadow pagetable code will just
work[tm] with memory sharing. 



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