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Re: [Xen-devel] Name of event-channel and other devices vs. udev

On 05/27/2010 03:26 PM, Bastian Blank wrote:
> It does the following:
> - Search in /sys/**/evtchn for the device number, this fails.
> - Compares the existing /dev/xen/evtchn with the error and unlinks it.
> - Tries to mknod it again with the error value, this fails.

That's unfortunate.

>> What other changes are needed to keep things working after this change?
> To possibilities:
> - Fix the error detection in this crude device creation code.
> - Rip it out and always rely on the system to provide the devices.
> For Debian I already decided to use the later one.

Yes, that seems like the cleanest approach.  Does it need any udev
config to get that right?  In particular, is there a mechanism to
autoload misc device modules?


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