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[Xen-devel] Re: Problem running latest Xen unstable hypervisor with latest Linux kernels

On 21/05/2010 14:55, "Dave McCracken" <dcm@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I have a test box set up to run mainline Xen unstable hypervisor and a guest
> running the latest Linux builds from Jeremy.  Last week it all worked fine.
> This week when I pulled the latest unstable it stopped working.

This is a hypervisor bug. I would have bet that my recent smpboot/hotplug
changes might have caused it, but happily I can report that I am not to
blame. The offending changeset is 21339:804304d4e05d "x86: TSC handling
cleanups" by Stefano (cc'ed). The automated regression tests have also been
failing ever since it went in, so clearly PV guest startup failure is not
hard to repro with this patch applied. For now I have reverted it
(xen-unstable:21444), so please re-pull, re-build, re-test.

 -- Keir

> Specifically I can boot up dom0 just fine.  When I try to start the guest
> Linux 
> gets as far as "blkfront: xvdb1: barriers enabled", then hangs.  This happens
> with the xen/master branch as well as xen/core.  Returning to last week's
> hypervisor lets me boot the guest just fine.
> I assume I have some combination of config options set/not set that no longer
> works with the new hypervisor code.  Is there something simple I need to
> change?
> Thanks,
> Dave McCracken

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