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[Xen-devel] Problem running latest Xen unstable hypervisor with latest Linux kernels

I have a test box set up to run mainline Xen unstable hypervisor and a guest 
running the latest Linux builds from Jeremy.  Last week it all worked fine.  
This week when I pulled the latest unstable it stopped working.

Specifically I can boot up dom0 just fine.  When I try to start the guest Linux 
gets as far as "blkfront: xvdb1: barriers enabled", then hangs.  This happens 
with the xen/master branch as well as xen/core.  Returning to last week's 
hypervisor lets me boot the guest just fine.

I assume I have some combination of config options set/not set that no longer 
works with the new hypervisor code.  Is there something simple I need to 

Dave McCracken

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