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Re: [Xen-devel] IOMMU and AMD 890fx

Hello Wei,

I hope motherboard manufacturers do a better job with supporting this iommu in 
the bios than they did with intel's. Especially Asus made a mess of it, and 
hasn't fixed it in newer bioses for multiple motherboards.
And since all motherboard reviews don't mention nor test the iommu it's hard to 
know upfront if it's supported :-(



> Leonardo,

> I can confirm that AMD 890FX supports IOMMU v1.22. It was briefly mentioned 
> by external sites, such as http://techreport.com/articles.x/18825. It looks 
> like Asus, Gigabyte and MSI will ship motherboards with 890FX chipset. Xen 
> 4.0 fully supports AMD IOMMU v1.2. Note that IOMMU needs support from BIOS 
> (ACPI IVRS table). Please pay a bit attention to this area.

> -Wei

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> Hi,
> All the reviews for the AMD 890fx chipset reported that it supports IOMMU 
> v1.2.
> But I cannot find any mention of that on AMD site.

> Does 890fx support IOMMU?
> Do 890fx motherboards with IOMMU exist?
> Does Xen support 890fx?

> Regards,
> Leonardo

Best regards,
 Sander                            mailto:linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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