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[Xen-devel] HOWTO: Patch to arbitrary Linux Kernel to support PV drivers for domU HVM

I have made up a patch for an arbitrary Linux kernel (I'm using
Ubuntu's Lucid kernel 2.6.32-22) which adds support for PV drivers with
under domU HVM.

Previously, to build pvdrivers for a kernel, you had to xenify it,
build the xenified kernel with CONFIG_XEN switched of, then add the unmodified_drivers, then build them. That prevents you building pvdrivers
for any kernel you do not have xenifying patches for.

With this patch, you can build pvdrivers against an arbitrary kernel
(such as a distributor's kernel). This is useful to me, as I want to
stick with distributor kernels. In essence what I have done is
untangled some (but not all) of the build/header spaghetti from
unmodified_drivers. The source files are about 2 x perl -pi -e
away from what's in unmodified_drivers plus a xenified kernel, just
in different directories. I've also made them build as built-ins.

It's described in more detail here:
Patch is here:

The drivers seem to work ok.

Alex Bligh

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