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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] Correct/fast timestamping in apps under Xen [1 of 4]: Reliable TSC

On 08/10/2009 10:13, "Tim Deegan" <Tim.Deegan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So system designers
>> (other than perhaps for the very largest superNUMA
>> machines) would be silly to not use it.
> Oh, that's reassuring.  System designers would never do something that
> silly.  :)
> If linux relies on it, that's a good sign, but surely we shouldn't get
> rid of any existing correction mechanisms.

I think at the very least this new 'reliable tsc' mode must be self
contained, not impact the existing modes, and continue to be switchable via
a boot parameter.

 -- Keir

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