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Re: [Xen-devel] [Patch] support of lock profiling in Xen

On 08/10/2009 10:04, "Juergen Gross" <juergen.gross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>>> It would even be possible to define lock arrays if summing up all data for
>>> e.g. domain specific locks is not desired.
>> Allowing spinlock_init() to specify not only a name but also a
>> 'category-specific index' might be okay. For example, domid, in the case of
>> a domain-specific lock. Hiding the allocation of profiling info structs in
>> the spinlock subsystem somehow... (e.g., radix tree to make a simple
>> growable array).
> I'll try another patch...

Well, see my email just now. I could perhaps live with perfc-style
declarations after all... Because this might make sense if locks can be
broadly categorised as global or as per-domain, and it could avoid you
having to make your implementation much more complex?

After all, now I think about it, an 'arbitrary' index specified to
spinlock_init() is just making our lives more complicated if it will
basically *always* be a domid. And knowing at a higher level which locks are
actually per-domain could help your pretty printing?

 -- Keir

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