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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH 00/17] Netchannel2 for a modern git kernel

On 10/06/09 09:35, Steven Smith wrote:
>>> What dependencies does it have on the rest of the xen changes?  In
>>> general I like to avoid basing branches on xen/master, because it makes
>>> them fairly brittle to rebase or otherwise rearrange.  Ideally I like to
>>> base each topic branch on a mainline kernel version (like v2.6.31), or
>>> if there are too many dependencies on other Xen topic branches, the most
>>> specific one that covers the dependencies (xen/core, xen/dom0/core, for
>>> example).
>> I needed to make some changes to netback to make forwarding packets
>> between NC1 and NC2 interfaces work, but apart from that it's fairly
>> self-contained.  Would you like me to rebase to
>> xen/dom0/backend/netback?
> Hmm... xen/dom0/backend/netback doesn't actually boot on my test box,
> so that could be a little tricky:

Yeah, I wouldn't expect the netback to boot on its own.  It is
functionally self-contained, but it doesn't have the other functionality
of the other branches.

My normal workflow is:

   1. git checkout -b hackingabout xen/master
   2. git merge xen/dom0/backend/netback
   3. (git tag hackbase)

Hack about (lots of little ad-hoc commits).
When happy:

   1. git rebase -i --onto xen/dom0/backend/netback hackbase (squash all
      the little commits into sensible groups, remove crud, reorder, etc)
   2. make sure it still works
   3. git checkout xen/dom0/backend/netback
   4. git reset --hard hackingabout
   5. git branch -d hackingabout
   6. git tag -d hackbase


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