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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH 00/17] Netchannel2 for a modern git kernel

On 10/06/09 02:06, Steven Smith wrote:
>> Thanks.  I've pulled it anyway, but not yet merged it into anything yet.
> Okay.  I'm going to change the interface a bit following the review
> comments; would you prefer I shove a fixup patch on the end or edit
> history and keep the patches sensibly self-contained?

At this point I haven't done anything with the branch, so just rewrite
it to your heart's content.

BTW, do you see this is something as a candidate for merging upstream?

> I needed to make some changes to netback to make forwarding packets
> between NC1 and NC2 interfaces work, but apart from that it's fairly
> self-contained.  Would you like me to rebase to
> xen/dom0/backend/netback?

Yep, sounds good.

An outstanding problem with netback is how we can deal with "foreign"
pages in dom0's network stack.  The current approach isn't viable for
upstream, but there has only been slow movement in coming up with a
better approach.

I haven't looked at nc2 yet, but does it use the same technique for
memory management, or something else?

> It'd certainly be possible to create the three branches you suggest,
> but I'd guess you'd end up with almost everything going into the
> common branch with the frontend and backend branches containing a
> single patch each to add netfront2.c and netback2.c respectively.  I'm
> not sure how useful that would be.

OK, one branch is fine.


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