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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 10 of 10] Hook NC2 up to the unmodified drivers build

> >>> Steven Smith <steven.smith@xxxxxxxxxx> 05.10.09 13:19 >>>
> >> >>> <steven.smith@xxxxxxxxxx> 04.10.09 17:00 >>>
> >> Defining CONFIG_* stuff in unmodified_drivers/linux-2.6/overrides.mk
> >> seems certainly bogus, so I think the patch would at least need an
> >> explanation of why this cannot be done differently.
> >I didn't really give this a great deal of thought, to be honest.  They
> >need to go somewhere, and overrides.mk seemed like the least bad place
> >(they'd normally go in the kernel .config, but that doesn't work in an
> >unmodified drivers build).
> >
> >Where would you prefer I put them?
> I can't see why you need them in the first place - all other frontends
> get away without. They simply hard-code their values in the respective
> Kbuild files (which ought to be the only place they're needed).
The original intent was to share Kbuild files between the unmodified
drivers build and the normal Linux one, and the 2.6.18 version of the
driver did just that.  That's not particularly interesting, though,
because I'm not going to submit the 2.6.18 driver and the later
versions' Makefiles can't be used that way.  I guess I should change

Although, now I look, the unmodified drivers don't build for a 2.6.27
kernel even without the NC2 patches applied.  That kind of suggests
that nobody's using them anymore, in which case this patch (as well as
the previous one) should probably be dropped.


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