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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 10 of 10] Hook NC2 up to the unmodified drivers build

>>> Steven Smith <steven.smith@xxxxxxxxxx> 05.10.09 13:19 >>>
>> >>> <steven.smith@xxxxxxxxxx> 04.10.09 17:00 >>>
>> Defining CONFIG_* stuff in unmodified_drivers/linux-2.6/overrides.mk
>> seems certainly bogus, so I think the patch would at least need an
>> explanation of why this cannot be done differently.
>I didn't really give this a great deal of thought, to be honest.  They
>need to go somewhere, and overrides.mk seemed like the least bad place
>(they'd normally go in the kernel .config, but that doesn't work in an
>unmodified drivers build).
>Where would you prefer I put them?

I can't see why you need them in the first place - all other frontends
get away without. They simply hard-code their values in the respective
Kbuild files (which ought to be the only place they're needed).


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