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RE: [Xen-users] GPL PV drivers for Windows 0.9.11-pre12

> While these numbers seem to be true for the RX/TX tests between domU
> dom0, they don't apply to the domU <-> other physical node on lan. The
> RX is fine, on my 100mbit lan I get about 94 / 95mbit. But the TX is
> very poor: only 18-20mbit. This has been since all versions I've
> before, but of course hoped this one would make the difference. I've
> compared the results with a Linux domU PV, which does perform as
> expected (94-95mbit for both RX/TX).

I've just done some testing myself over a 1GB network... here are the

Dom0 = Xen 3.2.1 Dom0 with a Broadcom gigabit network adapter (not the
same machine as my previous Dom0<->DomU testing was done on - this
system is not as highly spec'd).
DomU = Windows DomU running windows 2003 x32 + 0.9.11-pre13 of the GPLPV
Phys = Windows 2003 physical host with a Broadcom gigabit network
A Linksys managed gigabit switch separates Dom0 and Phys.

Dom0->Phys = 900mbit/second
Dom0->DomU = 975mbit/second
Phys->Dom0 = 850mbit/second
Phys->DomU = 700mbit/second
DomU->Dom0 = 1700mbit/second
DomU->Phys = 800mbit/second

Additionally, at the time of testing the nightly backup was occurring
which would have been moving data from Phys to Dom0. A bacula file
daemon and Exchange agent runs on Phys and the bacula director and
storage daemons run on Dom0.

So I guess we need to find out what is going on with your setup... what
network adapter are you using in Dom0 and does it support large send and
checksum offload? Or maybe something has changed in -pre13? I doubt it



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