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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: [Qemu-devel] [PATCH 1/2] xenner: add event channel implementation.

On 26/8/08 09:27, "Gerd Hoffmann" <kraxel@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Afaics there's some workflow or patchflow to
>> be worked out here:
> Workflow could look like this:
>  (1) Ian merges upstream into qemu-xen.
>  (2) I'll rebase my patches to the resulting tree.
>  (3) Merge both patchsets, into the trees.
> That should result in almost identical hw/xen* files in both trees, so
> we don't end up with a big mess when Ian merges again.

That sounds like a plausible avenue. I don't want to speak for Ian though:
he'll be the one doing most of the work on the qemu-xen side.

>> I can't see why we would take Gerd's patches wholesale
>> when we have a working patchset already.
> Which patchset you are refering to?  As far I know Ian & Samuel are
> focusing on getting the changes to generic qemu code upstream (such as
> serial and ide fixes which ran over the qemu-devel list already), not on
> the xen support bits.

Sorry, by patchset I meant qemu-xen. Bad confusing terminology on my part.

 -- Keir

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