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[Xen-users] RE: [Xen-devel] GPL PV drivers for Windows 0.9.11-pre12

> I just ran some tests under XP and they were pitiful, although the tests
> weren't run on the same box. Something like 12Mbit/second TX and
> 50Mbit/second RX. XP doesn't seem to do large send offloads but that
> doesn't explain enough of the difference...

A bit google-ing suggested stopping the 'Windows Firewall/Internet Connection 
Sharing (ICS)' service, which gets windows using the 'large send offload' 
feature and puts the TX up to around 50Mbit/second, which is a bit of an 

With just the qemu devices on that server I get around 28Mbit/second TX and 
about 25Mbit/second RX.


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