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[Xen-devel] Re: Announcing: Open OVF project source code availibility

On 12/08/08 16:42 +0100, Daniel P. Berrange wrote:

> > For runtime integration, we are planning on implementing an XML-RPC
> > interface into and out of the ovf library, which will allow any other
> > runtime code to interact with it. 
> It is the runtime integration I was refering to. The open-ovf tools
> are all python. So is virt-manage/install/image. If these tools were
> under a license that were compatible with usage from a GPL  licensed
> app, then I could simply call into the OVF APIs. Building an XML-RPC
> interface just to call into functions for manipulating OVF files is
> rather overkill. 

Perhaps locally, but certainly not overkill for remote access. Local
access to XML-RPC via the loopback is still pretty efficient within
the realm of interpreted languages. And the original OVA environment
specification requires a remote API. (The DMTF did not adopt the
environment services in its standard.) For example, a software
appliance running in a guest needs to query the OVF daemon for
information about its hosting hypervisor. This is best done by remote
procedure calls.
> But perhaps you don't intend to maintain the python libraries as an
> official 'public' API for other apps to use ?

We hope to establish remote APIs for use by guests at
runtime. Whatever else comes about is up to the community.

Mike Day
AIM: ncmikeday |  Yahoo IM: ultra.runner
PGP key: http://www.ncultra.org/ncmike/pubkey.asc

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