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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xend: open qemu-dm log files in append mode

Ian Jackson wrote:
It would be good if the maximum logfiles to keep would be
configurable; making it part of the ordinary xend configuration would

Also, one minor stylistic point.  This idiom
    if os.path.exists(self.logfile + ".%d" % nr_max_log_rotation):
is rather unusual, although not actually wrong.  It combines string
concatenation and %-formatting.  Surely one of
    "%s.%d" % (self.logfile, nr_max_log_rotation)
    self.logfile + '.' + `nr_max_log_rotation`
would be better ?  (I would have used the former.)

Done in qemu-log-rotate-config.patch.
I've set the logrotate count default to 10. It is small enough not to
annoy users by filling xen log directory with many files, I think.

I also created a patch (qemu-log-append-config.patch) which opens
qemu-dm logfiles in append mode if the logrotate count is 0. If this
makes sense, please apply it after qemu-log-rotate-config.patch.


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