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RE: [Xen-devel] X11_EnterFullScreen fails


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> Jayant Mangalampalli
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> Subject: [Xen-devel] X11_EnterFullScreen fails
> I am trying to set the guest window to full-screen mode but 
> the domain consistently crashes when I try to do that. The 
> problem could be traced to a point where X11-driver used by 
> SDL itself fails. Here is the call trace before system 
> crashes (most recent call last):
> SDL_video.c::SDL_SetVideoMode() makes a call to 
> video->SetVideoMode(). (We use X11 video driver)
> video->SetVideoMode() = SDL_x11video.c::X11_SetVideoMode()
> The above makes a call to SDL_x11video.c::X11_ResizeWindow() 
> which makes a call to X11_EnterFullScreen() (in SDL_x11modes.c)
> X11 does support full-screen mode and I am unable to 
> understand why it is initiated by xen. Has anyone tried this?

What's the crash symptoms? Is it possible that the X11 driver is calling
the BIOS, and that this fails in Xen due to restrictions on running
real-mode, which doesn't happen in native mode?

> Thanks,
> Jayant Mangalampalli

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