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Re: [Xen-devel] Plan 9 PAE support?

> no problem.
> I don't think there are plans for PAE in plan 9. The feeling is "buy a K8"
> :-)

Done :-)

> I am not sure it would be terribly hard, the mm code in plan 9 is one
> file, but nobody's looked.
> I'll try to see what it would take.

Actually, I guess just doing the same stuff, but using PAE oughtn't to be that 
hard?  No need to actually support big memory systems, or anything like that.

It'd be rather cool if this was doable: the main focus in 32-bit land these 
days seems to be on supporting PAE guests (both because folks want to support 
big memory on servers and because it lets you run them paravirtualised on 
64-bit).  The default installs of RedHat, Centos, Fedora, etc are PAE, as are 
the community RPMs on the xensource website.

It's kind of a shame that there's not support for running non-PAE 32-bit 
guests, but since it involves shadow mode it makes things a bit more gross.

Btw, I've got a Plan 9 guest successfully installed on my non-PAE Xen test box 
at the moment, which I connect to using drawterm.  It's very cool to have a 
live Plan 9 system there running, although I must confess I haven't fully 
understood it yet :-)


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