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Re: [Xen-devel] Performance Counter Virtualization in Xen

> Hello Xenthusiasts,

> -          Is there a Xen tool/utility which provides meaningful
> information about per-domain metrics for dynamic memory usage (e.g.
> reserved memory by Xen, total heap size in use, swap space reserved per
> domain etc.), I/O done to/from the disc and the bytes sent/received from
> the network over fixed intervals of time?

Network IO you should be able to monitor by looking at the stats associated 
with the vif to the domain in dom0 (at least for paravirt vifs).  Block IO, 
I'm not so sure of the mechanism.

Regarding swap space - all the swapping is done by the domain itself onto a 
virtual block device you've provided it.  If you give it a separate virtual 
block device and configure it to use that for swap then monitoring that VBD 
would give you an idea of swap activity - but not current swap use.  If you 
want to know domain-internal stats, such as swap use, the easiest approach is 
to get the domain to stick some entries in XenStore to tell you.

The nearest to the tool you want would be "xm top" or "xenmon", however I 
think these still don't monitor all the things you're interested in.


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