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[Xen-devel] Performance Counter Virtualization in Xen

Hello Xenthusiasts,


I have a few questions regarding the performance monitoring of applications and domains running on the latest version of Xen VMM via the performance monitoring counters available in x86 architectures.


-          I have used Xenoprof by patching Xen-3.0.2 Xenolinux and the Oprofile layer which enabled me to collect performance counter values per domain (for a passive domain) and per application (for an active domain). I was able to perform the profiling via command line interface using Opcontrol and then reporting the counters using Opreport. However, I was unable to find a way to profile an application (using an API like PAPI) because the perfctr port was not available for Xen. Is there a way through which applications can be monitored using performance counters?


-          Is there a Xen tool/utility which provides meaningful information about per-domain metrics for dynamic memory usage (e.g. reserved memory by Xen, total heap size in use, swap space reserved per domain etc.), I/O done to/from the disc and the bytes sent/received from the network over fixed intervals of time?




Best Regards,


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