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Re: [Xen-devel] NMI deferral on i386

>It sounds a bit painful. Also it's the exit-to-guest path that is more of a
>pain to deal with. In this case we may have restored a segment register by
>the time we take the NMI. What do we do in this case about restoring the
>segment register safely? Races in updating GDT/LDT may mean that the reload
>still may fault, even though it didn't just before; also we may need to do
>work in Xen (e.g., shadow-mode stuff) in interrupts-enabled context to fix
>up a #GP or #PG.

Indeed. Nevertheless, for non-restartable MCEs, deferral is impossible, and
hence some mechanism would still be needed (unless we say the machine's
going down anyway in this case and we don't care about getting a proper
reason logged).


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