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Re: [Xen-devel] PV on HVM network stops

* Ryan Harper <ryanh@xxxxxxxxxx> [2007-05-09 12:42]:
> * Ryan Harper <ryanh@xxxxxxxxxx> [2007-05-09 11:07]:
> > I've been running some tests using PV drivers in a linux HVM domain and
> > have been unable to determine why after some period of time the network
> > connection just stops working.  I'm using the default bridging setup,
> > I've seen this on xen-unstable changeset 15017, and all the way back to
> > 14280.  Guest and Host are pae.  Any pointers on where to start
> > debugging this? Nothing interesting shows up in xm dmesg, dmesg in the
> > guest, none of the logs, nor any of the networking configuration output.
> > 
> If I pause the domain and then unpause, networking comes back.  Does
> this help narrow down where I should be looking for debugging this
> issue?

Actually, what works more reliably is to ifdown vifX.0; and then
ifconfig vifX.0 0, which brings it back up, we get bridge topology state
changes, and then network traffic resumes.

Using tcpdump, I can see traffic arrive in the domain, but no traffic
leaves the guest.

Ryan Harper
Software Engineer; Linux Technology Center
IBM Corp., Austin, Tx
(512) 838-9253   T/L: 678-9253

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