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Re: [Xen-devel] vesafb

>>> Keir Fraser <Keir.Fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 08.05.07 23:34 >>>
>On 8/5/07 21:47, "Kaushik Barde" <Kaushik_Barde@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> <<However, doing one or two calls back to real mode before
>>  dom0 even starts to execute should definitely not be a problem
>> Ok.. We will test this solution.
>> I am curious,
>> Why else would you be jumping into real mode after/before the Dom0
>> creation?
>For one thing, there's some extended BIOS data that Linux would like to get
>its hands on. Another is that it might be nice to get the memory-map
>information for ourselves instead of relying on the bootloader (there's at
>least one system we've seen where GRUB gets it wrong). Really there aren't
>that many examples, and they'd all be invoked at start-of-day.

... and for which I had already posted patches to do all that's needed before
entering C code (and namely, before enabling paging and [on x86-64] long
mode), almost like Linux does - I have to admit that I continue to favor that
solution, including extending it to set the VESA mode and, if that's really
important as you say, calling INT 15 fn E820.


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