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RE: [Xen-devel] vesafb


Yes, I remember that GRUB bug where the initial memory was incorrectly

As for the e820 and EBDA, you need them only at machine boot-up.


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On 8/5/07 21:47, "Kaushik Barde" <Kaushik_Barde@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> <<However, doing one or two calls back to real mode before
>  dom0 even starts to execute should definitely not be a problem
> Ok.. We will test this solution.
> I am curious,
> Why else would you be jumping into real mode after/before the Dom0
> creation?

For one thing, there's some extended BIOS data that Linux would like to
its hands on. Another is that it might be nice to get the memory-map
information for ourselves instead of relying on the bootloader (there's
least one system we've seen where GRUB gets it wrong). Really there
that many examples, and they'd all be invoked at start-of-day.

 -- Keir

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