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[Xen-devel] xeninfo utility


I've been trying to extract per-Xen statistics out of the hypervisor for some
monitoring and I've found there's "almost" enough stuff to do it but it
doesn't seem to be exported via any command line interface.

So a little hacking of xentop has produced a local tool I've called "xeninfo",
which does something like this:

[root@hosting-2 xeninfo]# ./xeninfo katie
vbd-5-2050 is VBD.
vbd-5-2049 is VBD.
vbd-4-2050 is VBD.
vbd-4-2049 is VBD.
vbd-3-2050 is VBD.
vbd-3-2049 is VBD.
domain.id = 4
domain.name = katie
vcpu.0.status = online
vcpu.0.time = 804.469943
vbd.2050.dev = 8.2
vbd.2050.read = 65
vbd.2050.write = 0
vbd.2050.oo = 0
vbd.2049.dev = 8.1
vbd.2049.read = 7943
vbd.2049.write = 136105
vbd.2049.oo = 0
net.0.rx.bytes = 67232129
net.0.rx.packets = 834738
net.0.rx.errors = 0
net.0.rx.drops = 0
net.0.tx.bytes = 23693854
net.0.tx.packets = 168056
net.0.tx.errors = 0
net.0.tx.drops = 0
[root@hosting-2 xeninfo]#

I'm planning on extending it to include the rest of the libxenstat data -
current domain state, max/current memory reservation.

The plan is to call this from munin to graph various per-Xen VM statistics over
the current plugins' method of running xentop and extracting the info from it.
This uses libxenstat and some of the xentop code. Its also much faster at
extracting data for a VM for other scripts then trying to use xentop.

Do people view this as a potentially useful command to have in the Xen command
line repotoire? (Minus the "xxxxx is VBD" bits from the library itself..)


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