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[Xen-devel] blktap failure after 14895:800aa9f5cec9 (moves /dev/xen/... to /var/run/tap/...)

I don't know why I'm the only one to see this, but blktap hasn't been
working for me since 14895:800aa9f5cec9. Opening /var/run/tap/blktap0
fails. I think this is because the kernel defines BLKTAP_DEV_DIR as
/dev/xen in drivers/xen/blktap/blktap.c, but in that changeset the
tools define it as /var/run/tap in tools/blktap/lib/blktaplib.h.

Reverting the change to blktaplib.h gives me blktap devices
again. Reads and writes don't seem to make any progress. I'll keep
investigating, but any clues would be welcome.

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