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[Xen-devel] [ANNOUNCE] paravirt_ops i686 Fedora rawhide kernel packages

If you are interested in trying the new paravirt_ops kernels, I've
created some packages and uploaded them to:


There you'll find a yum repo (see yum.README for details) and an
INSTALL file for getting started.  With this package you can use a
single kernel[1] for both native (w/out a hypervisor, or under a full
virt hypervisor), domU paravirt under Xen, and a VMI guest.  There is no
support for dom0 kernels ATM.  Running the kernel native is as simple as
installing and rebooting.  However, it requires some manual intervention
to get a domU started (see INSTALL for details).


[1] It's not quite a single kernel.  It's two separate binaries built from
the identical vmlinux.  This is due to the Xen domain builder's inability
to boot a bzImage format kernel binary.  Fixing this is on the todo list.

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