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[Xen-devel] domain save improvement

As it stands now, when a domain is saved to disk it is suspended in the
process, and then destroyed. This is done by the checkpointing code in
However, it's a good idea to leave the option open to the user whether
or not the saved domain should be kept alive or be suspended,
as it is very possible this feature may be used in real checkpointing of
a working domain state, just in order to not lose everything should
something go wrong.

if you have a guest which does some heavy calculations, or one which
handles many customer's connection this may be a good idea even in
migration (which calls the checkpointing code anyway.), although in the
latter case, of course the network interfaces of the new domain will be
taken down, and it may be used as a hot spare ready for a quick

So what do you think?

I'm thinking of either using pause/unpause instead of suspend and
manually save the info the suspend record would have contained,
OR recreating the vcpu after HYPERVISOR_suspend() is done with it.

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