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[Xen-users] RE: [Xen-devel] moving from xen to xen-pae

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> Subject: [Xen-devel] moving from xen to xen-pae
> Hi,
> I have a xen 3 installation which I want to upgrade to a 
> xen-pae installation.
> What do I have to replace? Only xen.gzand the kernel, or the 
> xen tools, too?

I believe the tools are fine and understand PAE or non-PAE without

For example, .../tools/libxc/xc_ptrace.c uses the processor type to
determine if it's PAE or not at runtime in map_domain_va, and if it is
PAE calls map_domain_va_pae instead.

There is a dependency on CONFIG_X86_PAE in
.../tools/libxc/xen/arch-x86_32.h, but it seems that the choice made
based on this is not used anywhere in the libxc source files. It's
probably just a side-effect of this file being shared between Xen itself
and the libxc directories.

Of course, you probably want to add a second entry in your grub.conf
like this:

title Xen-pae
        kernel /boot/xen-pae.gz
        module /boot/vmlinuz-pae-xen0
Then you should be able to just boot back into the old, working

> I would like to have a quick fallback, if the box becomes unstable.
> Thanks in advance,
> Johnny
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