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[Xen-devel] head.S' VIRT_START=

Could anyone explain why the xen-linux ELF image needs to have physical and 
virtual addresses set to identical values
(the ELF loaders' use of p_paddr seems ill anyway, p_vaddr is what is really 
meant to be read here, as the address
obtained is clearly neither a physical nor a machine address)? If they were set 
like for native kernels, the delta could
be used instead of reading the VIRT_START= parameter, which presently is not 
fully in sync with mainline since there now
exist those VMSPLIT_* config options, which aren't currently disabled for Xen 
kernels. Thus I would see that either the
parameter goes away and the value gets deduced (if there is nothing else that 
needs the program headers' p_paddr match
p_vaddr), or the config option gets disabled, or (if this is expected to work) 
head.S gets updated.

Thanks, Jan

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