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[Xen-users] Intel/VT success :-)


finaly I had success getting running VMX-guest on Intel/HT.

Thanks to everybody who helped me and answered my questions!

One thing was getting SLES 10.0 Beta3 with working XEN-support, then
using only the i386 without PAE (PAE is not yet supported in XEN 3.0,
and the x86-64-Version of SLES is not yet there) and finaly the
understanding that you have to free memory of the xen0-domain before
starting the VMX-xenU-domains - the paravirt. Linux-xenU-domains seems
to take there memory from the xen0-domain by themselves and it was
working like that.

Beside the the stability not is perfectly and the sometimes the
Linux-xenU-domains are hanging while booting I still have some problems:

If I connect via VNC to a W2k3-guest everything is working, but the
mouse-cursor in the guest is always far away from the cursor in the host
and the reaction-time is very bad. I tried this with VNC-viewers for
Linux, OS/2 and even Windows, but always the same result!

With every boot I get the "TLS-warnig", but in the installation there is
no /lib/tls-directory. How can I avoid this warnig and are there still
some performance-problems?

I'm not able to migrate domains using the "xm migrate", I can save and
restore domains even if I restore the on a different host, but mirgrate
doesn't work.

Any ideas? Thanks a lot for your help!

Chau y hasta luego,


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Homepage: http://www.godawa.de                        ( o o )

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