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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Kernel with very low memory requirement (~12MB) for domU

On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 02:11:54PM +0100, Rickard Borgmäster wrote:
> CJ van den Berg wrote:
> >>Oh... just got a thought.. Do the dom0 kernel have to be 2.6.16-rc1 
> >>aswell...?
> >
> >No. In fact dom0 doesn't even have to be running Linux.
> Hello again. So we're back to work :-)
> Deciced to test what other things could be stopping a kernel later than 
> to run on my system. So I downloaded and compiled xen-unstable 
> and xen-3.0-testing.
> xen-3.0-testing didn't produce any better results than the 3.0 release. 
> But after installing xen-unstable, I at least could boot a 2.6.15 
> kernel. And that with memory = 11

Ah, sorry for the confusion. When you send you were using Passgang's I
assumed you were running 3.0.1 like me.

In general though, new xen versions are backward compatible with old
kernels, but not the other way round. So technically, although it works for
me on 3.0.1, the -unstable kernel can only, AFAIK, be expected to work on

> :-D


> But... xen-unstable isn't named unstable for nothing. I'm not sure if 
> this is a good way to acheive our goals. I don't feel too comfortable 
> putting a snapshot on a CD for our "release product" :-/

I would feel the same way. Maybe you should try again with 3.0.1? At least
then if it works one half of the equation would be "stable".

> Anyways. We're just about to put the xen-unstable on the CDROM image 
> together with a dom0 kernel and the new, stripped, 2.6.15 domU 
> kernel. Doing so, the project will at least move forward and we can 
> continue testing and probably make a beta. Some problems will just have 
> to be solved as they appear ;-)

I'm not sure what the Xen release schedule is, but if you are only around
beta stage it's possible Xen will release a stable 2.6.16 before you have
to ship.

> Thanks for your help so far, it has been good tutorial.

No problem. You're welcome.

CJ van den Berg


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