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Mr. Mcwellington Baah
P.O.BOX AC 683
Accra ¡V Ghana
West Africa

Dear Sir/Madam


The Angels Children Home is calling unto the world for the world to turn on their sympathetic heart on the silence suffering innocent children, mothers, and HIV AIDS victims who have no future in the world. The idea for "Angels Children Home" was born on April 20, 1982 but due to external force and non patriotic citizens it good works and achievements started in 1997 even though they did help and aid HIV AIDS, street children it was not much as compared to present situation. It all started as conversation between two friends, Mcwellington and Kenneth Kakari wanted to help to disadvantaged children. Kakari, living in the United States of American decided to come back home and help his own out of bondage, pain and sufferings. Well things with these were different during their children because their time was of revolution and their parents prosecuted for no crime but these two friends fought hard to achieve theirs and God be so king things went well with them. Life the say is a road full of traffic but you have to manage and be patience to drive through in order to reach your destination. So having this in mind even though people attempted on theirs life but they did not succeed. This two friends have are parent now and they in the mood of helping disable, orphans, homeless, refugees and aids patients. They wanted to provide the same nurturing help to children in orphanages throughout the world. Although the idea started out as a joke between friends, "we should start a non-profit," one week later they realized they were being called to start "Angels Children Home". They believed that "we really could do this" and make a difference in the lives of children around the world. Purchases of large amounts of fleece and squeaky shoes soon followed.

The Organisation has many aims and goals to achieve and the following on the list of goals and aims to be achieved

?Ï To reduce the high rate of street children.
?Ï To give hope to HIV AIDS victims
?Ï To reduce the high rate of neglected children
?Ï To help children who go though child labor
?Ï To help children who go through child slavery
?Ï To help children who go through child trafficking
?Ï To help widows who are stranded
?Ï To help women who go through violent in the hands of men
?Ï To help the HIV AIDS victims.

¡§Angel Children Home¡¨ is a 501(c)(3) organization. No one receives a salary from ¡§Angel Children Home¡¨. All work is done completely by volunteers, minimizing costs and overhead. Sales are made through our website and by selling our products at craft shows and festivals. In this way, we support orphanages by raising money that would not be given through normal donation channels and is not in competition with other non-profit organizations and foundations that are working in this same area.

100% of the profits made from the sales by "Angel Covers" is sent to orphanages. The goal of "Angel Covers" is to get this support to the orphanages that do not have much other support.

For every blanket that is purchased, "Angel Children Home" donates a blanket to an orphanage. All blankets are made by volunteers. Volunteers are also used to get blankets to orphanages. If you are currently preparing to travel to complete an adoption, or will be visiting an orphanage, and can help by delivering money or kind, contact us at anges_children_home@xxxxxxxxx

We would be very in you respond to our mail and tell us what you have in mind to help the silence innocent children in Africa and all over the world.
Thank you.

Yours Faithfully.
Mr. Mcwellington Baah

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