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Re: [Xen-devel] vblade in Xen 3

On 28 Jan 2006, at 14:45, Steve Traugott wrote:

Has anyone got vblade (server daemon for ATA over Ethernet) working
reliably in a Xen 3 dom0 yet?  There was a thread (excerpt below) last
July about doing this in Xen 2, so I know this worked at some point...

I have it built under xen 3/linux 2.6.12, and mostly running, but the
client aoe module hangs after a few seconds under load (bonnie or dd
of a few hundred MB in an ext3 filesystem, physical is /dev/sdb).  An
strace on the vblade process tends to show it waiting on read() from
the raw ethernet socket; aoeping works fine, aoe-stat from the hung
client shows the device 'up'. but aoe-stat from another client shows
the device 'down,paused'.

What happens if you boot dom0 but don't start xend or bring up the bridge? If you bind vblade to eth0 (which is the real physical eth0 in this case, since you won;t have run the bridge script) do things work better?

 -- Keir

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